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The device is a presence detector that unobtrusively allows others to recognise your need for personal space. It aims to help amplify the voices of those in uncomfortable or invasive situations.

This product helps you keep your personal space. When anyone comes within a certain distance of the device and movement is detected, it will light up and play disturbing sounds.

THE SITUATION: For people who want to feel comfortable and secure in the space they occupy.

CONTEXT: Workplace, Homes, Public areas(libraries, cafés)

USERS: People that often visit crowded public areas

When the motion and ultrasonic sensors pick up on movement within a given range, the light on our board will go off and some sounds will be released.

The form of the device resembles a home, and is made to sit on flat surfaces and be suitable to any indoor working environment. The familiar cube container imitates a HOME. We used a red coloured LED to emphasise danger and sense of emergency.

Heres a Video of ProSpace:

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