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Multidisciplinary Designer

My interest in design stems from various life experiences, especially through designing my figure skating competition dresses. Design helps me transform my intangible imagination into reality, including making working prototypes for various projects towards my product design degree. Described as creative driven, and a hardworking Individual, I am passionate about emerging trends that connects on an individual level which takes the form of physical and digital products. 

My previous working experiences are as a UI/UX designer at IBM and nevaal. Due to my experiences in making tangible products, I approached this design field as a means to learn more about the processes that is required to design an Digital product. However, after interning in 2 different organisations, both IBM and nevaal have allowed me to learn many valuable skills involving front and back end programming using python and Javascript and first hand experiences including: in-field research to user journey mappings and wire framing interfaces. These experiences have shaped me into a well rounded designer that employs learning at a fast pace, the ability to work in teams and help one another when needed to create a healthy learning environment for the team.

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