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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

BORROW is a Leasing device that promotes Community design. It Rethinks Ownership through supporting the old value of sharing and helps users to think of possessions not at an individual level but at a community level: share and borrow amongst networks you build. It is presented as a portable device that has a touch screen interface with an added voice recognition system.

This innovative idea cultivates well-being and human flourishing, where human to human interaction is encouraged. In addition, it could also promote sustainable living due to the decrease in the demand for buying new items if people share. 

The body of this device follows the form of the interface itself to reduce  space and the straps of this device will be able to be changed to match different tastes of people. the joint of the interface to the body will be through a magnet and the straps will be forced clipped into the body.

Its imperative that this product promotes sustainability as well as being high quality to last a product life. Hence, the material chosen for this product is lightweight stainless steel for the bottom part and recycled aluminosilicate from existing phone screens. The body will be made our of 3d printed ABSi plastic. this material has high tensile strength, high melting point, is an insulator, and relatively tough, but enough for BORROW. there are a wide range of choices for the straps designs. the prototype i’ve made is made from rubber, however, there will be options for patterns, it could be made from 3d printed abs plastic, with a metal texture finishing spray and also simple rubber straps.

Lastly, the interface will be available in black and white colours to provide more colour options for a wide range of users.

A video of this product works will be linked down below:

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