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Today, the application of AI helps us in our decision making process and prediction through analysing the data collected from our actions and activities which in turn costs us our privacy. Rather than halting or discarding the expanding scope of automation, we could speculate and reevaluate AI technology’s role in our lives, and accomplishing boundaries to re-define human-machine interaction, by using technological devices to augment rather than control us. I used the Amazon Alexa as a product focus.

Taking a stand point from the lonely and cyber paranoid, the final designed product, “Incognito” emphasises my personal perspective regarding the issue and how humans can place boundaries around their AI devices.

By implementing a decisional qualification concept, decision made based on the qualification of the audience, ‘Incognito’ features an intelligent offline device which allows its users to determine whether they would like to expose their data to the “always listening devices” with the respective consequences.

‘Incognito’ is an interactive intermediary device that can be used in the presence of an AI gadget, granting users to customise boundaries built around their devices with regard to data collection. It utilises a critical design approach to present a scenario that challenges the issue of privacy due to the misconception of the AI supported devices.

This design incorporates the element of self assembly, where components are broken down into blocks to help users be more knowledgeable about their product and improve interactions with Incognito.

Additionally, a user guide is presented to explain more information about the Interactive Intermediary device.

Heres a showreel video of my project: Incognito

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