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Vacuum Forming

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Process of my first vacuum forming…. It actually turns out very well with no webbing and I also made sure to draw a clear line to mark the center of the models to make sure they come out half perfectly

Failed vacuum forming. Lesson learned, make sure the plastic is at its cleanest state before vacuum forming. There were pieces of wood scrap before hand and I did not think that it will impact the quality of the vacuum formed object and there were also a lot of webbing, therefore the vacuum formed objects are not used

Some of these are successful and some aren’t successful. The difficulties I experience is cutting the plastic as it was quite hard to cut through

Process of my third time vacuum forming. I found a new way to get the vacuum formed plastic out of the mold, and that is to make spider webs and pull out the plastic. Later on, I sanded it to make it look neat and ready to stick with the other half

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