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Design Research progress

I made prototypes of the shapes I like the most and also drew orthographic and real size drawings. I think that the one that interest me the most would be the second in line from the last vertical row, and the one on its left side, colored black. I chose 2 of these because I felt that the designs are the most appropriate and it gives a unique but minimalistic look that I’m looking for.

These are the behind the scene pictures when I did the second product autopsy of the radio. The components are way simpler with less wires on them, therefore much easier to understand.

For material research, I went into Edinburgh fabric store to see different fabrics myself and have found a few fabrics that interest me. I will reveal the names in the next post but I also did a mind map about what material I am going to use for the product. I considered the element of sustainability, durability, and water resistance. 

I also tested on the placement of the inner components to make sure it fits perfectly into the object and also decided on the final design and the pattern of the object. I also used the real components and measured their sizes to make sure everything fits and also decide on the measurements of the object. the user testing also helped me decide on which placement I am using and I think it helped as well with the customer being comfortable with using the product.

These are more photos of the inner components, and also measuring the angles of each side of the exterior design, to make sure everything fits and the LED projector can be projected onto a wall and can be seen by users.

This is what I use for the user testing as I thought it is a simpler way to test it without making a full on prototype. the user’s feedback was that she liked the products and would use it. She also prefers the one with a more sharp edge as she said the design suits her more, and the shape is unique, up to her expectations, and more comfortable to hold.

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