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Design Research Final process

Part 1 of the process.

This is when I cut things up using plywood, measure the amount of fabric per piece of plywood, make the patterned fabric, solder the inner components, cut up the previous radio, use the pieces from the previous radio as well. These are mostly the workshop based works that I’ve done in making my final prototype. This was done in 2 days. I think that I learnt a lot of things in terms of cutting up the plywood. I had 2 failed try because I didn’t measure the shape properly and also the cuts weren’t accurate at first, but I got it to fit in the end after numerous tries.

Part 2 of the process work.

This is when I assembled the product together, glue and stitch the fabrics together. There was an excess space between the main body and the projector, therefore I added foam and fabric to hold things together. 

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