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Augment Bionics

Augment Bionics is a student-led project based at the University of Edinburgh that is focused on building a smart, highly functional and affordable 3D printed prosthesis. The remarkably functional robotic arm prostheses currently available on the market are incredibly expensive. The affordable alternatives, however, barely bring any motor skills back to the amputee. The highly inter-disciplinary Augment Bionics team currently consists of 30 talented individuals working on the technical, aesthetic and commercial aspects of the innovative prosthesis in order to bridge the aforementioned gap and empower amputees.

I am a product designer in Augment bionics, working alongside Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering students on a 3D printed prosthesis. These are the works I've done during my time in Augment bionics.

Here are some of the prototypes we've worked on.

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