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The Evolution of Sneakers

This is an event curating task where I explored on different mediums on how I could present my object: Hypebeast shoes.

An item I would include in a hypothetical collection would be shoes. The sneaker is regarded both as a cultural force and a fashion statement. One of the universal trends for millennials like us would be something called ‘hypebeast’. this trend consists of a selection of different brands which include basketball shoe brands such as nike, adidas, etc. Hypebeast started when michael jordan wore nike’s newly designed air jordans during 1984. sales automatically boomed, and future collaborations are made until now. the shoes started to gain recognition and people, whether they are an athlete or not started to wear these, hence evolving it into high street fashion. Not only boys are wearing these high-top sneakers these days, women have entered the market by wearing men's shoes as well. Basketball is a universal sport which is enjoyed by a wide range of audiences, from basketball athletes, fans, to fashion lovers. The advancement of basketball shoes from chuck taylor’s 1917 original model to kanye west’s yeezys shows the amount of technological, and physical change these shoes go through from 1917 when it first started until today. Many people value the art of basketball shoes. if one particular model of shoes are sold out by its retailer, people with put their effort to find resellers, and would buy it at any given cost. even manufacturers and shoe makers put in so much effort in making the newest, coolest, most technologically advanced basketball shoe to cover demands of the market.

The historical and cultural significance of the basketball shoe is really important in defining fashion and identity. it is quite an iconic symbol. Hence, I feel strongly that this collection should convey a globalization of culture through the perspectives of sneakers and basketball shoes.

I especially think these shoes are important to add to the collection because appreciating the evolution of these shoes also contributes to the documentation of our present culture in Indonesia, also for the future generations, so they could take a peek of what it is like to live in our time now in Indonesia and the world.


Format of the Collection

It consists of 2 collection but presented in 2 ways:

Indonesian side: Photography portraits of indonesian fashion bloggers Indonesian made sneaker artworks Indonesian artistry as a background with a sneaker being hanged.

The International side: Timeline of sneakers

Middle part: Documentary of how sneaker influences the world

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