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Muld of a mortar

Making a mold of a mortar and a pestle for out week 6 assignment from Prof. Geoff

Progress: Failed 3 times today making the mold 😭 i realised that I placed the pestle in a diagonal position and it is too close to the side of the barrier which I am working from.

For the bowl, i failed making it because I though that the bowl has a rather half a spherical shape and the plaster, when it is being shaped, will slide off the inner part of the bowl, but turns out that the shape of the bowl is more that half a sphere, so the plaster couldn’t slide off.

I have learned my lesson from the 3 failed molds from before, so I traced the pestle first to act as a barrier when making the first mold. Then, I cast d liquid plaster on top of it, and this one turns out successful!! The only part that was not very outstanding is the shape of the mold, it looks rather concave and no matter how much I sand it, it wouldn’t be leveled, so I decided to experiment whether this mold would work just fine and cast another mold to make a two part mold. Surprisingly, it turns out fine and a wax pestle is able to be formed using the plaster molds.

Reflection: I think that I could improve on the shape of the plaster molds next time and do more molds in order to improve on this area of work

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