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Learning week 2017 part 2

During our trip to berlin, we also got to go to one of our teacher’s office, and they are well known for their artwork in Singapore’s changi airport terminal 1, the moving waves. After that, we got to see an art exhibition at transmediale and also the bauhaus museum which really interests me. I think that these are the most memorable pictures in my trip to Berlin and it was definitely worth the visit!

On my own, I also visited the technic museum and museum fur naturkunde in which I found so many inspirations for the course I am doing from different forms and shapes, from animals to ships and airplanes. I think I was able to explore more on shapes and forms and a lot of aspects of product design that I have never thought of before.

Next, I visited Charlottenburg Palace. These are some of the collections from my visit to Charlottenburg palace that I really like and felt inspired from the unity that these objects form through patterns, shapes, and various colors and textures.

I also went to the museum Island to see the Neues and Pergamon museum. I think that in this museum, theres were mostly furnitures and paintings, but what amazes me was how the exhibits were presented. The space and the colors of the rooms differs and I really like the way each and every artwork is displayed. Since this was my last day at Berlin, I ended my day on the east side gallery along the Berlin wall. I think that the Berlin wall itself gives so much inspiration to be free to express yourself, to not be afraid to try new things.

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