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Orthographic drawings, perspective using geons

This is what I came up with after failing to draw the reindeer ornament. This object I am drawing is a perfume bottle and I thought that the level of hardness of this object is moderate. Again, this time I used more structure and lines using my ruler and drew accordingly. The main difficulty of this is the form of the front and side view as I am not sure on where to put the curves and how big the curves are. Reflection: I think that I need to learn more about angles and accuracy in here in order to improve. I did not have a protractor in the first place and just assume where the 45 degree angle should be in and drew it with a ruler. I think it should be more structural rather than freehand in here.

The object I first chose for the formative presentation, but wasn’t successful in drawing the orthographic drawing as it is my first time drawing an orthographic drawing and I wasn’t very sure on what to do, So I looked it up on google and drew accordingly, but I wasn’t able to get the measurements right. Reflection: I think the object I chose is rather hard and too complicated for a first, so I will do this again but with a more simple object and clearer structure.

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