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Final Vacuum Formed Objects+ sketches

Finished, glued vacuum formed objects. The difficulty i faced for this part is the glue. I originally tried to use plastic weld but the two objects did not stick very well, so i had an experiment on a few other glues including araldite, pva glue, silicone and glue gun. I ended up using the glue gun as it has the best finish out of all the other glues

I tried to get a good background to photo to get a good for my presentation. I did this in the library as I thought the background looked nicer and a bigger table spot to photo under white background.

I started to edit my pictures on photoshop, sheet it up on Indesign and build up my presentation slides. These are the development sketches I have for both my symmetrical and asymmetrical carafes. One of the difficulties i had was that the color of the marker doesn’t show up when scanned. To overcome this difficulty, I put on more color and scanned them again and again.

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