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Design for data update

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Onto the next step, I am suppose to do probes as a mean for my 4th research method for the design for data course. This is all done on a paper which is then operated by an app called pop which allows me to digitalize paper prototyping by taking screenshots and making the buttons work. The first probe idea was to change the table arrangement and see how people react to it. The second probe idea was to make an app which allows people to interact with each other through games and others. After the feedback from my tutor, I realised that I didn’t really understood what probes were and that For the next step, I will still be re-doing the probes again.

Soon after, I decided to re-do everything in my project from observation, interview, Ideo methods and probes, in which I feel that my results were so much better after the feedback given by the tutor at the mid semester review. I also drew a more precise floor plans for the people I do my Ideo methods on to trace.

These are my new probes Ideas which I thought seem much better.

1st: one of my probes idea was to ask them to fill in a card which I set up like a questionnaire, and then they can answer. Then, to keep it anonymised, I made a box in which they can put in their cards into. 

2nd: Monitor what people do by putting a camera in front of people, their task is to photograph freely whatever they want, whatever they like preferably and whatever they don’t like about a certain cafe, take as much as possible from the begining till the end of their journey in the cafe. I will then make a chronological line on the cafe wall.

3rd: see what people like and what people doesn’t like. there will be questions in the back of the post its and they are going to stick it on the wall to form different shapes like a big heart.

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