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Compound Curves

Finished mini brief 4 now! Yayy🤗

For mini brief 4, we were suppose to draw objects with compound curves and draw 20 different jugs and mugs each. For the compound curves, I drew my waterbottle and hairdryer as I found those objects very interesting and has many different shapes to it. I took 10 different pictures of the object at a different angle each time and draw from that. I also started this project from drawing pringles and a soap bar in class with Prof. Isla and received comments on the forms of the object. For the jugs and mugs, I drew the primary shape of everything first, which is a cylinder and add on to that to make the forms I have above. I considered the elements of shapes and volume for this part. It took me around 45 minutes to finish this project, so it was quite a fast process for me after much practice on lines, circular forms and square shapes. In addition to that, I was also taught about shadows in class and the angles on which the light shines on. This is a very new thing for me and I find it quite confusing as I am not very sure about the angles and the shapes of each shadow. For example, the cube. I don’t know about the shape of the shadow and where it starts and where it ends. I will make sure to practice more of this in order to perfect this skill that is necessary for designing in general

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