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Carafe Project Exploration

Out of the first few books that I have read, these are the few sketches that I have come up with. My point of doing basic sketches like these is to practice my lines technique. As you can see, the lines and ellipses have drastically improved since the start and I see this as a big step forward. Other than that, I think that I was inspired by some of the designs of sculpture and carafes I have seen but at this moment, I am not satisfied with the carafes I have drawn out. Therefore, I will be doing more researches to achieve maximum satisfaction.

On wednesday, 2nd of November, There wasn’t any lecture so I decided to go to the National Museum of Scotland to find more inspirations. I went there for the whole day, 10am-5pm. I found the museum very interesting and on this particular day, I found myself very interested in the topic of anatomy in general. As I was strolling through the museum, I took some sketches and loads of pictures. I tried to use the techniques of basic shapes to form geons taught by Ms. Isla and compound curves. I found that very useful and I was able to sketch a lot more and think in a 3 dimensional point of view. Through this experience, I wish to put these sketches into use for the carafes project.

Part 2 of the museum visit. Other than the anatomies topic that I was drawn into, I also saw some decorative arts such as sculptures and teapots and carafes. The designs on display was rather simplistic but very appealing to look at as there is always a different bit in each object. This visit overall helped me gain more insights to the different designs Of carafes I can think of

Other than the museum visit, I have also picked up more books to read as part of my secondary research and i’m very glad to find more examples which made me realize that there are lots of different creative designs out there.

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