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3D scanner bicycle process..

We also made a concept of how its going to work. This was hand drawn and scanned. Edited using photoshop

We made a platform to put our camera and laptop using plywood from the wood workshop. I also got some rolled rubbers that was used to hold both the laptop and camera in place. To put this platform on the bicycle itself we used plastic tag holders usually used in clothes in the market to hold it in place and to make sure the laptop doesn’t fall off. For the camera platform, we drilled a hole and secure it with several screws and that was it. I think this design is simple, easy to use and safe to use. There are also pictures of testing and the final presentation of this product. It is successful in general as everything works out and it does everything we wanted it to do. However, if we could improve it further, we could build the battery pack in the bike so that the backpack isn’t necessary.

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